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Zombie Cookie

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Brain Gum

Skill Edit

Revives after running out of Energy. Amount of Revival Energy increases with Level Up.

Description Edit

Zombie Cookie was thoroughly underbaked and slopped carelessly with strawberry jam and melted chocolate. But you see, the key ingredient for Zombie Cookie is a pinch of zombie cells to the dough. And no need to worry about getting your own zombie cells! They can be easily acquired at the local cemetery. This Cookie refuses to die, but it sure likes to just lie there...

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
1 104 Revives 1 time with 25 Energy N/A
2 112 Revives 1 time with 32 Energy Coin 1,600
3 120 Revives 2 times with 20 Energy Coin 3,200
4 128 Revives 2 times with 23 Energy Coin 8,000
5 136 Revives 2 times with 26 Energy Coin 16,000
6 146 Revives 2 times with 30 Energy Coin 32,000
7 160 Revives 3 times with 22 Energy Coin 64,000
8 174 Revives 3 times with 24 Energy Coin 120,000
9 192 Revives 3 times with 27 Energy Coin 240,000
10 Coin
11 Coin

Cookie MessagesEdit


Loading MessagesEdit

  • Plants... bad....
  • Braaaaaaain...
  • Graaaggh...
  • Garrgh?
  • Keep... running...
  • Me hungry, jelly want now...
  • Me sleepy, go home I will...
  • $%@#!*$#@...

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • Graa? Graaggh?


  • Aagh...?

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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