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Wizard Cookie

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Book of Wizdom

Quote1 Hocus-Party-Pocus! Quote2
―Wizard Cookie

Skill Edit

Casts Magic Spells that can destroy obstacles and create Ice Cream Jellies. After a few smaller spells, a Super Magical Spell is triggered. With Level Ups, less smaller spells will be casted before the Super Magical Spell.

Description Edit

Wizard Cookie came to possess the Witch's Candy Wand by accident (or not?). Within it, he discovered unique magical powers. His popping candy ice cream cone hat is the finishing touch to his wizard look. Frequently used spells include the festive 'Hocus-Party-Pocus' and 'Abra-Cookie-Cadabra', which brings unexpected luck and fun.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
Level 1 170 Magic Spells Lv.1 N/A N/A
Level 2 ??? Magic Spells Lv.2 Coin 16,000 Escape Level 40
Level 3 200 Magic Spells Lv.3 Coin 32,000 Escape Level 80
Level 4 218 Magic Spells Lv.4 Coin 80,000 Escape Level 200
Level 5 236 Magic Spells Lv.5 Coin 160,000 Escape Level 400
Level 6 238 Magic Spells Lv.6 Coin Upgrade Cost here Escape Level
Level 7 248 Magic Spells Lv.7 Coin Upgrade Cost here Escape Level
Level 8 Cookies' Energy here Magic Spells Lv.8 Coin Upgrade Cost here Escape Level

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Hocus-Party-Pocus!

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Obstacles into Jellies? That's my specialty!
  • Abra-Cookie-Cadabra!
  • Magic is not for everyone.
  • Don't disturb me. I need to focus.
  • I hope the Witch is not looking for her wand. I mean MY wand...
  • I need to cool off my head to use magic.
  • Wingardium.. Jelliosa??
  • Do you like magic? Prepare to be impressed!

1v1 RaceEdit

  • Think you can beat magic?
  • Ready for a magical run?
  • Don't disturb me. I need to focus.


  • Must... cast... spell...

Wizard Cookie’s Azure Flame Staff CostumeEdit

  • Dark power comes at a great price.
  • I... I can feel the power!
  • I need to cook off my head to use magic
  • At last! The Azure Flame Staff!
  • Dark magic is...quite beautiful.

Trivia Edit

  • In the 12/21/2016 (1.49) update, Ice Cream Jelly points have been increased by 200.
  • His loading message, "Wingardium.. Jelliosa??" is a play on one of Harry Potter's spells, Wingardium Leviosa.
  • Wizard Cookie’s New Years wish is, “I’d like to get... taller.”.

Gallery Edit

Wizard Cookie's Azure Flame Staff CostumeEdit