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Werewolf Cookie

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Furball Pup

Quote1 Don't come near! I don't want to hurt you... Quote2
―Werewolf Cookie

Skill Edit

Transforms into a werewolf destroys obstacles, earning destruction points. Level Up will decrease the time needed for transformation. (Transforms more frequently when Energy is low)

Description Edit

While adding great amount of pepper into the cookie dough, a wolf hair had fallen in by accident. Hence, whenever Werewolf Cookie feels scared or threatened, his wolf instinct kicks in and he transforms into a feral beast. A long time ago, his friend fell in grave danger, and Werewolf Cookie saved him only after transforming and revealing his true self to the town villagers. He was castaway out of fear and has been living alone in the forests since. With so much pain buried within him, this cookie tastes bitter and salty (of tears). Don't ask about his scar or try to get close to him. He'll only push you away cause he's afraid he'll hurt you. We can only assume he's been hurt deep inside, just like his deep scar under his eye.

Magic Candy Effect Edit

Mega Werewolf
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For each destroyed obstacle, Werewolf Cookie, while as werewolf, grows bigger (up to 2.5 times the size!). The stronger the enchanted power, the faster the growth.

This effect makes it far easier for Werewolf Cookie to be able to destroy obstacles, as at 2.5 times his size he will take up almost all the screen. Increasing the Magic Candy effect will make it so he needs less destroyed obstacles to reach max size.

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Don't come near! I don't want to hurt you...

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Get away... or you'll get hurt...
  • Please, just leave me alone...
  • I don't know which side of me is real...
  • Sometimes, my scar aches...
  • If you get in my way, I'll have to...
  • The monster inside me may hurt you...
  • I don't want to hurt you...
  • Have you ever been terrified of yourself?
  • Hurry! Get away from me!
  • It would be a lie if I said I'm not lonely...

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • I don't want to hurt you...
  • I'm not safe to be around...
  • Don't bother me...
  • Hurry! Get away from me!
  • Stay away from me... For your own good.


  • Is this the end...?

Notes Edit

  • Werewolf mode prevents fainting from energy depletion. Werewolf Cookie will only stop running once he exits werewolf mode when this happens.

Trivia Edit

  • Werewolf Cookie makes a sad puppy face when he gets lifted up from holes in Werewolf mode.
  • In the 12/21/2016 (1.49) update, Werewolf Cookie's Energy has been increased by 7%.
  • While wearing the Lonesome Shiba Inu cosume, Werewolf Cookie's voice changes to a series of puppy-like barks, and his werewolf form to unintimidating growls and roars.
  • Werewolf Cookie’s New Year wish is, ”I don’t want... to hurt anyone.”
  • Werewolf Cookie's April Fool's message is, "Woof woof!"

Gallery Edit

Werewolf Cookie's Lonesome Shiba InuEdit