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Tiger Lily Cookie

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Meat King

Quote1 Roarr! Protect... I will... Quote2
―Tiger Lily Cookie

Skill Edit

Throws spear at given intervals and destroys obstacles. Picking up the spear will let her throw the next spear quicker. After throwing a certain number of spears, summons and rides the Butter Tiger. Level Up for more frequent spear throwing.

Unlike Cookie Run, she will not immediately throw the spear once you pick it off the ground. You will need to let the blue bar fill before she will throw another.

Description Edit

It is not known how Tiger Lily Cookie ended up in the jungle all by herself. Under the constant threat of encroaching enemies, her senses grew sharp. In contrast to her rough outward appearance, she is soft and delicate on the inside. Her only family is her trusty Butter Tiger, whom she cherishes more than anything in the world. Her great skill with the spear and excellent jumping abilities make her one tough Cookie to beat.

Magic Candy Effect Edit

Swift Spear Throw
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Throws enhanced spear to destroy obstacles, earning points. Also sprints when picking up the spear. The stronger the enchanted power, the higher the bonus destruction points.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
Level 1 164 Spear Throw Lv.1 N/A N/A
Level 2 178 Spear Throw Lv.2 Coin 16,000 Escape Level 40
Level 3 191 Spear Throw Lv.3 Coin 32,000 Escape Level 80
Level 4 214 Spear Throw Lv.4 Coin 80,000 Escape Level 200
Level 5 ??? Spear Throw Lv.5 Coin 160,000 Escape Level 400
Level 6 232 Spear Throw Lv.6 Coin160,000 Escape Level400
Level 7 242 Spear Throw Lv.7 Coin160,000 Escape Level400
Level 8 250 Spear Throw Lv.8 Coin??? Escape Level???
Level 9 258 Spear Throw Lv.9 Coin200,000 Escape Level500
Level 10 266 Spear Throw Lv.10 Coin240,000 Escape Level600

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Roarr! Protect... I will...

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Don't...come...near...
  • Where... did I... come from?
  • I don't... prey...
  • I have... to protect... my friends...
  • Purrrr..
  • Rarrr! Rarrr!
  • Rarrrrr...
  • ...
  • Roarr!

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • Purrrr!!
  • Roarr!
  • Must... Protect...
  • I... can't... lose...
  • Don't...come...near...


  • Grrrr...

Trivia Edit

  • She didn't have her own pet in the original Cookie Run.
  • Interestingly, Tiger Lily Cookie exists in the original Cookie Run, but her pet, Meat King doesn't.
  • Tiger Lily Cookie looks very stern and emotionless, but if you enter Bonus Time or are lifted from a hole (either by Little Ghost or Rocket Firecracker) she will show a happy expression.
  • In the original Cookie Run, her class is Legendary, but in CROB, it is Epic.
  • Tiger Lily Cookie’s New Years wish is, “What is...a wish?”.

Gallery Edit

Tiger Lily Cookie's Snow Warrior Edit