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Space Doughnut

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Space Mini Ball

Quote1 kyou-kya! kyou-kya? Quote2
―Space Doughnut

Skill Edit

Shoots Doughnut Beam which turns Jellies and obstacles into Doughnut Jellies. Uses Doughnut Beam more often with Level Up.

Description Edit

Can't communicate with this mysterious creature. Plus, it doesn't seem to remember where it came from and why. Well... at least we know it's got legs (sort of). So maybe after running and running, and some more running, it'll remember? Yeah, let's hope that...

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
Level 1 170 Doughnut Beam Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 186 Doughnut Beam Lv.2 Coin 16,000
Level 3 202 Doughnut Beam Lv.3 Coin 32,000
Level 4 Doughnut Beam Lv.4 Coin
Level 5 Doughnut Beam Lv.5 Coin
Level 6 Doughnut Beam Lv.6 Coin
Level 7 Doughnut Beam Lv.7 Coin
Level 8 Doughnut Beam Lv.8 Coin

Level 9 : Energy - 266

Level 10 : Energy - 274

Weird MessagesEdit

Weird But NewEdit

  • kyou-kya! kyou-kya?

Weird Loading MessagesEdit

  • kyou-kya!
  • fraka-kaka-kaki fraka-kaka-kaki
  • prrrp-prprp-prrrprp
  • biri-biri-biri...
  • quo-quo-quo...
  • Kwaaat? Kwaaa?
  • dduru-ruru-dduru-ruru
  • du-doa! du-doa!

Weird But Healthy (Space Doughnut's Healthy Bagel)Edit

  • begege-legege!
  • ?? ??? !?
  • ccoaght? ccuat?

Weird 1vs1 RaceEdit

  • fraka-kaki!!!
  • ?!! !!??!!?

Weird Tired PoseEdit

  • kyyu...

Notes Edit

  • To get Space Mini Ball and Space Doughnut, you need to add 5 nearby friends using Bluetooth. You will need to physically be in the same location with the other person you wish to recruit.
    • Adding people through Facebook or USER ID will not count towards the goal.
    • Before the 10/24/2016 update, the number of Nearby Friends needed was 20.

Guide on Unlocking Space Doughnut Edit

There is actually a very simple way to get the friends needed to get Space Doughnut and its pet, Space Mini Ball. The only requirements you will need is:

  • 2 phones. Ask a friend or family member to borrow their phone, and make sure that you have permission to download Ovenbreak on their phone - or you could just use an older/newer phone of yours. Just be sure you can actually run Ovenbreak on it. You can also use a simulator for this.
  • Bluetooth. Both phones and/or the simulator need to have Bluetooth enabled for this to work.

For simplicity's sake, let's say Phone A is the one where you want to keep your account. Phone B will be the phone where Ovenbreak will undergo several resets.

  1. On Phone B, download Ovenbreak and run it.
  2. You do not need to do the tutorial run, you can just Skip it using the button on the upper right corner.
  3. It will ask you for a nickname. Keep it simple - you will need to enter it later. I normally go with abc.
  4. Two things will happen:
    1. It will ask you if you want to switch to your main account you currently have on Phone A. Do not do this, otherwise you will have to uninstall and reinstall the app.
    2. Nothing will happen. This is normal if you have two phones with two different Game Center/Google Play accounts.
  5. Continue the tutorial as usual. Quit the tutorial race, there is no need to do it.
  6. Next, go to Add Friends and then Bluetooth. Both games need to do this.
  7. Wait a few seconds, and they should both detect each other if they are within 7m.
  8. Send a request to each other.
  9. You should both now have 1 nearby friend.
  10. On Phone B in the Settings menu, you should see "Delete Account" on the bottom right corner
  11. It will ask you for your nickname to delete your account, so give it your nickname. In my example above, I would need to enter abc.
  12. It will then ask you if you are sure. Tap on OK.
  13. The app will now restart.
  14. You will still have 1 nearby friend on Phone A.
  15. Repeat steps 2-13 4 more times.

You should now have Space Doughnut and Space Mini Ball unlocked!

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Cookie Name in Other Languages Edit

  • Spanish: Rosquilla del Espacio
  • Portuguese: Rosquinha do Espaço
  • German: Kosmodonut
  • French: Donut de l'Espace
  • Chinese
    • Traditional: 宇宙甜甜圈
    • Simplified: 宇宙甜甜圈
  • Korean: 에일리언 도넛 (Alien Doughnut)
  • Japanese: スペースドーナツ