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Princess Cookie

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Princess's Locket

Quote1 And where shall I go today? Quote2
―Princess Cookie

Skill Edit

Creates Pink Heart Jellies at given intervals. More frequent Skill activation with Level Up.

Description Edit

Don't be fooled by her adorable smile and cute hairdo. If you were imagining a graceful and elegant princess, think again! She may be far from elegant, but one can't help but love this mischievous Cookie and her whipped cream petticoat.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
Level 1 126 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 138 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.2 Coin 1,600 Escape Level 4
Level 3 150 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.3 Coin 3,200 Escape Level 8
Level 4 162 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.4 Coin 8,000 Escape Level 20
Level 5 175 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.5 Coin 16,000 Escape Level 40
Level 6 189 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.6 Coin 32,000
Level 7 205 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.7 Coin 64,000
Level 8 Cookies' Energy here Pink Heart Jelly Lv.8 Coin Upgrade Cost here
Level 9 231 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.9 Coin Upgrade Cost here
Level 10 238 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.10 Coin 120,000
Level 11 243 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.11 120,000
Level 12 248 Pink Heart Jelly Lv.11 120,000

Cookie Messages Edit


  • And where shall I go today?

Loading Messages Edit

  • Will I meet my Prince Charming?
  • Staying inside is sooo boring!
  • Where's my carriage? I need to get to the ball!
  • Shh... Don't tell daddy.
  • I'm up for anything exciting!
  • And where shall I go today?
  • Oops! Clumsy me, I fell again.
  • Huh? Am I lost?
  • I love my knight!
  • If only knight was here to see me!

1vs1 Race Edit

  • No need to be graceful for this kinda stuff!
  • Out of my way!

Tired Edit

  • Oopsy daisy...
  • At least i can kiss knight when i get back...

Gallery Edit

Princess Cookie's Red Rose Gown Costume Edit