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Ninja Cookie

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Little Ghost

Quote1 Quiet as the forest. Quote2
―Ninja Cookie

Skill Edit

Can jump in the air up to 8 times. After a number of jumps, Ninja Cookie is able to throw shurikens and destroys obstacles. Use Double Jump to throw shurikens. Level Up increases destruction points.

Description Edit

Just as making a dough demands diligent kneading, tireless training is of equal importance on the path of the ninja. No Cookie has unraveled the flavor and ingredients of the mysterious Ninja Cookie. So secretive! He is able to jump multiple times, using the wind as his stepping stone. Some say he steps on wind, others claim he is using a ninja replication technique. And with training, he can jump even higher! Sky's the limit, literally.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
Level 1 154 Shuriken Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 165 Shuriken Lv.2 Coin 1,600 Escape Level 4
Level 3 178 Shuriken Lv.3 Coin 3,200 Escape Level
Level 4 190 Shuriken Lv.4 Coin 8,000 Escape Level
Level 5 202 Shuriken Lv.5 Coin 16,000 Escape Level
Level 6 214 Shuriken Lv.6 Coin 32,000 Escape Level
Level 7 230 Shuriken Lv.7 Coin 64,000 Escape Level
Level 8 248 Shuriken Lv.8 Coin 120,000 Escape Level
Level 9 249 Shuriken Lv.9
Level 10 257 Shuriken Lv.10
Level 11 263 Shuriken Lv.11
Level 12 269 Shuriken Lv. 12
Level 13 275 Shuriken Lv. 13
Level 14 281 Shuriken Lv.14
Level 15 287 Shuriken Lv.15

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Quiet as the forest.

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Steady as the mountain.
  • Training is over.
  • Only I can beat me.
  • You must learn to overcome all obstacles.
  • Swift as the wind.

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • This is going to end in a swift.
  • Faster than the wind!
  • Watch and learn.


  • Need more training...

Trivia Edit

  • Ninja Cookie's ability to throw shurikens does not exist in the old Cookie Run game.
  • In the 10/24/2016 update, the rarity of Ninja Cookie has been changed from Common to Rare.
  • Ninja Cookie’s New Year wish is, ”Years may pass, but my will is only getting stronger.”.

Gallery Edit