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Muscle Cookie

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Dumbbell Twins

Quote1 Get out of my way! Or get blown away! Quote2
―Muscle Cookie

Skill Edit

Throws kettlebell and destroys obstacles, earning destruction points. Earn more destruction points with Level Up.

Description Edit

Muscle Cookie's recipe requires protein powder and 3 weeks of powerful kneading. Only after that, the muscles come to life. Such a rigorous baking process has made him a bit short-tempered. He tends to throw exercise equipment when angry. But don't be afraid, once he's done destroying obstacles, he's as cool as a cucumber.

Magic Candy Effect Edit

Giant Dumbell
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After a certain interval of throwing kettlebells, throws a giant dumbbell and earns bonus destruction points. The stronger the enchanted power, the higher the bonus destruction points.

Every once in a while, Muscle Cookie will throw out a giant dumbbell instead of a kettlebell. (What happens visually and game mechanically will need to be verified, I have never seen this in a video).

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
Level 1 151 Kettlebell Throw Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 160 Kettlebell Throw Lv.2 Coin 1,600
Level 3 172 Kettlebell Throw Lv.3 Coin 3,200
Level 4 184 Kettlebell Throw Lv.4 Coin 8,000
Level 5 196 Kettlebell Throw Lv.5 Coin 16,000
Level 6 210 Kettlebell Throw Lv.6 Coin 32,000
Level 7 227 Kettlebell Throw Lv.7 Coin 64,000
Level 8 Kettlebell Throw Lv.8
Level 9 Kettlebell Throw Lv.9
Level 10 Kettlebell Throw Lv.10
Level 11 Kettlebell Throw Lv.11

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Get out of my way! Or get blown away!

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Man, my muscles are huge!
  • Let's show them how it's done!
  • Oomph!
  • Here goes Muscle Cookie!
  • Your workout is my warm up!
  • I'll blow them away!
  • Don't make me angry.

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • Out of my way!
  • I'll blow you away!
  • My muscles are ready!


  • Cramps...

Strategy Edit

Muscle Cookie will keep throwing his kettlebell in front of him as long as you keep collecting it from the floor for him to throw. Otherwise, he will take some time to bring out another kettlebell to replace the one he lost in a pit or left behind.

The more obstacles there are, the more chances he has to score points with his kettlebell. He could be an ideal relay as the later parts of the run will feature more obstacles - but more pits for the kettlebell to fall into so it's a two sided coin.

Trivia Edit

  • Muscle Cookie's skill is completely different compared to his LINE Cookie Run counterpart. He used to have the ability to knock away obstacles at a 70% chance, but he now throws kettlebells.
  • In the 10/24/2016 update, the rarity of Muscle Cookie has been changed from Common to Rare.

Gallery Edit

Muscle Cookie's Green Broccoli Giant Edit

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