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Moon Rabbit Cookie

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Moon Mortar

Quote1 Wow! Love it! Quote2
―Moon Rabbit Cookie

Skill Edit

Transforms into Rice Cake Bunny at given intervals. Rice Cake Bunny turns Basic Jellies into Honey Rice Cake Jellies. After a given time, she then transforms into an invincible Giant Rice Cake Bunny that blasts through obstacles. The more Jellies she consumes, the bigger she becomes.

Description Edit

Fresh Rice harvested from the happy soils of the Cookie World were used to bake the happy Moon Rabbit Cookie. This Cookie's chubby cheeks are always filled with sweet rice cakes. How cute! But her desire for rice cakes has a dark side, too. When Moon Rabbit Cookie's rice cake craving grows extremely strong, she transforms into a giant Rice Cake Bunny! She then jumps around wildly, crushing everything around her until someone gives her some rice cake to calm her down. Once upon a time, during one of her crazy transformations, the other Cookies tried to keep the giant Rice Cake Bunny in check by grabbing each other's hands and building a circle around her. Ever since, the Cookies have kept a tradition of holding hands and going around in circles under the full moon.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
Level 1 166 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.1 N/A N/A
Level 2 183 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.2 Coin 16,000 Escape Level 40
Level 3 200 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.3 Coin 32,000 Escape Level 80
Level 4 218 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.4 Coin 80,000 Escape Level 200
Level 5 236 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.5 Coin 160,000 Escape Level 400
Level 6 244 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.6 Coin Escape Level
Level 7 252 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.7 Coin Escape Level
Level 8 258 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.8 Coin Escape Level
Level 9 264 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.9 Coin Escape Level
Level 10 270 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.10 Coin Escape Level
Level 11 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.11 Coin Escape Level
Level 12 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.12 Coin Escape Level
Level 13 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.13 Coin Escape Level
Level 14 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.14 Coin Escape Level
Level 15 294 Rice Cake Bunny Lv.15 Coin Escape Level

Cookie Messages Edit

New Edit

  • Wow! Love it!

Loading Messages Edit

  • Did thomeone thay... wice cake? Yum!
  • I love wice cakes! Yum!
  • Wice cake evvyday!
  • So yummy!
  • So tafty!
  • Full moon in the sky, full moon in my tummy!
  • Wanna twy some wice cake?

1v1 Race Edit

wanna twy some wice cake

Tired Edit

  • Yum yum!

Trivia Edit

  • She is based on a Korean legend.

Gallery Edit