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Name Picture Class Unlock
Silver Flower Brooch Silver Flower Brooch Rare TBA
Bear Jelly Boomerang Bear Jelly Boomerang Epic TBA
Carrot Pudding Trampoline Carrot Pudding Trampoline Epic TBA
Shield Bubble Gun Shield Bubble Gun Rare Level 8
Jelly Topped Cupcake Jelly Topped Cupcake Rare Level 8
Bear Jelly Ice Cream Bear Jelly Ice Cream Rare Level 8
Lollipop Skate Lollipop Skate Rare Level 13
Coin Silver Crown Coin Silver Crown Rare Level 13
Mini Magnet Robot Mini Magnet Robot Rare Level 13
Almond Chocolate Chip Hammer Almond Chocolate Chip Hammer Rare Level 17
Candy Dynamite Candy Dynamite Rare Level 17
Jelly Seed Crystal Jar Jelly Seed Crystal Jar Rare Level 17
Ice Pearl Coral Ice Pearl Coral Rare Chapter 2 Mystic Jewel Reward
Red Egg of Resurrection Red Egg of Resurrection Rare Chapter 3 Mystic Jewel Reward
Candy Cane Staff of Darkness Candy Cane Staff of Darkness Rare Chapter 4 Mystic Jewel Reward
Divine Aurora Extract Flask Divine Aurora Extract Flask Epic TBA
Coin Fireworks Box Coin Fireworks Box Epic TBA
Rainbow Bear Roll Cake Rainbow Bear Roll Cake Epic TBA
Fiery Candy Comet Fiery Candy Comet Epic TBA
Ticking Treasure Chest Ticking Treasure Chest Epic TBA
Bubble Gum Spring Jumpers Bubble Gum Spring Jumpers Epic TBA