While you run, you may sometimes wonder how many points you are getting for each item you collect. Below are the list of points awarded for jellies found or collected in the game.

Please take note that these points were calculated without any bonus or extra points from combination bonuses or treasures.

All points are written at their normal values, not increased by any means.

Information retrieved from version 1.33 of the game.

List of Points for Normal JelliesEdit

Normal JelliesEdit

Normal jellies are the most common form of jelly. Players start with this jelly from Level 1, and it's can be upgraded when you upgrade Cookie, Pet, and Treasure to gain more Escape Point. All score in Normal Jelly are 999.

Lv. Icon Jelly Name Jelly Bonus
Basic Jelly Lv 1
Classic Jelly 0
Basic Jelly Lv 2
Classic Jelly 10
Basic Jelly Lv 3
Classic Jelly 20
Basic Jelly Lv 4
Classic Jelly 30
Basic Jelly Lv 5
Classic Jelly 40
Basic Jelly Lv 13
Classic Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 15
Classic Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 19
Classic Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 21
Squishy Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 25
Squishy Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 29
Squishy Jelly ?????
Basic Jelly Lv 32
Squishy Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 33
Squishy Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 37
Squishy Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 39
Squishy Jelly
Basic Jelly Lv 40
Squishy Jelly

Bear JelliesEdit

Icon Jelly Type Score
Yellow Bear Jelly
Yellow Bear Jelly 2,222
Pink Bear Jelly
Pink Bear Jelly 3,333
Giant Bear Jelly
Giant Yellow Bear Jelly 5,555
TBA Rainbow Bear Jelly 8,888
TBA Giant Pink Bear Jelly (Only found in Monstrous Flower Garden) 7,777
Frozen Bear Jelly
Frozen Bear Jelly 4,222


Icon Coin Type Coin Value Score
Giant Silver Coin
Silver Coin 1 333
Shiny Silver Coin
Shiny Silver Coin (Before treasure score addition) 2 333
Giant Silver Coin
Giant Silver Coin 20 678
Gold Coin
Golden Coin 10 555
Gold Coin
Giant Golden Coin 100

Energ​y PotionsEdit

Icon Type Amount Score
Small Health Potion
Small Health Potion 10 0
Large Health Potion
Large Health Potion 40 0

Power JelliesEdit

Icon Jelly Type Score
Bear Jelly Party
Bear Jelly Party 0
Blast Jelly
Blast Jelly 0
Coin Magic
Coin Magic Jelly 0
Frozen Bear Jelly Party
Frozen Bear Jelly Party 0
Giant Potion
Giant Potion Jelly 0
Magnetic Effect Jelly
Magnetic Effect Jelly 0
Bonus Time Jelly
Bonus Time Jelly 0

Blast Magnetic Jelly

Icon Jelly Type Score
Giant Jelly
Giant Star-shaped Jelly 4,444
Alphabet Jelly 555 (Last jelly collected before enter Bonus Time gets 1,110 points)
N/A Jelly Seed Crystal Jar's Flower Jelly 3555
N/A Jelly Seed Crystal Jar's Leaf Jelly 1888
N/A Jelly Seed Crystal Jar's Stick Jelly 1444

List of Points for Specially Generated JelliesEdit

Below will list jelly which can only be appear from equipping cookie, pet, or treasure. Although these specially generated jelly may appear similar to normal jellies or normal energy potions, the score earned from these jellies may also differ and therefore should be distinguished.

All jelly points presented below does not include bonuses from any treasure, combination bonuses, Bonus Time Level, or Level Bonus.

Specially Generated JelliesEdit

Icon Jelly Type Generated by Score
N/A Lollipop Jelly GingerBright 4888
Cookie0002 jelly
Strawberry Jelly (Before Strawberry Cookie's own bonus to basic jellies applied) Strawberry Cookie 1219
Cookie0008 jelly
Heart Jelly Princess Cookie 1219
Cookie0015 jelly
Kettlebell Muscle Cookie 1000
N/A Jellyco Candy Jellyco Cube 189
Colorful Star Jelly

Cheerleader Cookie
Glitter Ball

Spectral Jelly

Devil Cookie
Flame Bat

Ice Cream Jelly Wizard Cookie N/A
Music notes
Note Jelly Rockstar Cookie 1444
Soda bubble
Soda Bubble Jelly Lemon Slice 555
Cherry Jelly
Cherry Jelly Cherry Cookie 1333
Invitation Jelly Cheesecake Cookie N/A
N/A Jelly Spear Tiger Lily Cookie N/A
Cookie0030 jelly
Snow Jelly

Snow Sugar Cookie
Snow Globe

Kiwi Jelly Kiwi Bird 2055
Cookie0045 jelly (cocoa)
Marshmallow Jelly

Cocoa Cookie
Marshmallow Hamster

N/A Dessert Jelly Cream Puff Cookie 877
Star moonlight
Star Powder Jelly Moonlight Cookie N/A
Jackson Jelly Mini Jackson No.2 N/A
Sea Bubble Jelly Boat
Sea Bubble Jelly Paper Boat Sailor N/A
N/A Herb Teapot's Jellies Herb Teapot 1219
Rain Jelly
Rain Jelly Herb Cookie N/A
Sun Jelly
Sun Jelly N/A
Sprout Jelly
Sprout Jelly N/A
N/A Acorn Jelly Pancake Cookie 777
N/A Sunflower Jelly 3555
N/A Sunflower Seed Jelly 955
Pet0081 jelly
Maple Syrup Jelly Pancake Frisbee
N/A Space Doughnut's Basic Jelly (Converted Basic Jelly) Space Doughnut 2888
N/A Space Doughnut's Yellow Bear Jelly (Converted Yellow Bear Jelly) 3888
N/A Space Doughnut's Giant Yellow Bear Jelly (Converted Giant Yellow Bear Jelly) 8888
N/A Pretzel Jelly Yoga Cookie 888
N/A Fish Jelly Cloud Pelican 2888
N/A Dark Red Gem Jelly Dark Choco Cookie 4777
Pet0104 jelly
Blue Spirit Jelly Dark Spirit Helmet 5888

Specially Generated CoinsEdit

Icon Jelly Type Generated by Coin Value Score
Cat coin
Cat Coin Fluffy Cheese Cat 20 1326
Blast coin
Coin Blast Jelly Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si 100 1326

Specially Generated Energ​y PotionsEdit

Icon Jelly Type Generated by Amount Score
N/A Pixel Potion Pocket Strawberry 1234
Small Health Potion
Small Health Potion Princess's Locket 0
N/A Giant Potion Item Dumbbell Twins 688
Soda potion
Soda Potion Lemon Slice 1700
Blast potion
Recovery Blast Potion Pistachio Firefly
Grape j
Grape Juice Drop Vampire Cookie
Grape potion
Grape Juice Potion Oak Barrel
Ice potion
Snow Blossom Potion Snow Globe
Bear potion
Bear Jelly Party Health Potion Owlcorn 2333

Specially Generated Power JelliesEdit

Icon Jelly Type Generated by Score
N/A Magnetic Giant Item Dumbbell Twins
Blast giant
Giant Blast Bead Fox Bead 1224
Giant kiwi
Kiwi Flavored Giant Item Kiwi Bird 2333
Cookie0043 jelly
Flying Kiwi Fuel Jelly Kiwi Cookie 333
N/A Fuel Jellies Pilot Cookie 2888