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Kumiho Cookie

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Fox Bead

Quote1 So, what's your name cutie pie? Quote2
―Kumiho Cookie

Skill Edit

9 Double Jumps will transform her into Kumiho, seducing Bear Jellies to gain extra points. Level Up to gain even more points from seduced Jellies.

While most bear jellies can be seduced by her charm in her Kumiho form, the rainbow flying bear jellies will not be seduced. It is unknown if the giant magenta bear jellies during Monstrous Flower Garden can be seduced as Kumiho stays in her fox form the entire time due to Cookies' abilities being disabled.

Description Edit

Originally an animal-shaped marshmallow, she aspired to be a Cookie so much, that she mastered a sorcery to shapeshift into a Cookie. In order to master this magic, she had to survive on only flour and butter for 999 days. As a result, she can now disguise herself as a seductive and attractive Cookie. Anyone who catches even a glimpse of her will instantly fall in love. Perhaps she's dazzling them with her nine tails.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
Level 1 150 Jelly Seduction Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 166 Jelly Seduction Lv.2 Coin 16,000
Level 3 182 Jelly Seduction Lv.3 Coin 32,000
Level 4 198 Jelly Seduction Lv.4 Coin 80,000
Level 5 214 Jelly Seduction Lv.5 Coin 160,000
Level 6 ??? Jelly Seduction Lv.6 Coin 160,000
Level 7 234 Jelly Seduction Lv.7 Coin 200,000
Level 8 242 Jelly Seduction Lv.8 Coin 200,000

Strategy Edit

In her fox form, you want to make as many double jumps as you can to get back into Kumiho form as soon as possible. You can do that by using the double tap technique - it will allow you to do short double jumps very quickly compared to double jumping normally. Be sure to switch into Kumiho form as soon as possible if you know BONUSTIME is just ahead as the bear jellies will still be seduced.

In her Kumiho form, however, it is a good idea NOT to make too many double jumps unless necessary. This will allow Kumiho to be able to seduce bear jellies for a longer period of time. Due to the nature of the game, however, you will not be able to stay in Kumiho form for too long and should therefore practice the double tap technique to maximize her effectiveness.

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • So, what's your name cutie pie?

Loading MessagesEdit

  • I want to eat Bear Jellies...
  • Follow me.
  • I want to become a real Cookie.
  • Want to know my secret?
  • Trust me, you won't be able to refuse me.
  • Be gentle with me.
  • Yeah, I know a trick or two.
  • Ready to fall for me?
  • Even Bear Jellies fall in love with me!

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • Come now, let's run together.
  • You hope to beat me? How cute!
  • Aren't you cute!
  • Come now, Let's run together.
  • Stop following me!


  • (whimper)

Kumiho Cookie’s Colourful Wedding HanbokEdit

  • Oh darling! I’ve been waiting for you.
  • I...I must have a bear jelly
  • You make me blush!
  • You wish to learn more about me?
  • Have you fallen in love with me yet?
  • My dear! Even Bear Jellies fall in love with me!

Trivia Edit

  • This cookie was originally named "Ninetales Cookie" in LINE Cookie Run.
  • This cookie is based off of the Korean myth, the Kumiho (구미호), known to be a fox that has lived 1000 years that can freely transform into a beautiful woman that often goes to seduce men and eat their heart or liver.
  • During Monstrous Flower Garden where Cookies' abilities are disabled, Kumiho will remain in her fox form the entire time no matter how many double jumps you make.
  • There is a bug where Kumiho will still remain in her fox form no matter how many times you double jump - but the bear jellies will still act like they are seduced when you switch between forms as normal.
  • Kumiho Cookie’s New Year wish is, “I wish I could become a real Cookie...”.

Gallery Edit

Kumiho Cookie's Colorful Wedding Hanbok costume Edit

Cookie Name in Other Languages Edit

  • Spanish: Galleta Gumiho
  • Portuguese: Biscoito Gumiho
  • German: Kumihokeks
  • French: Cookie Kumiho
  • Chinese
    • Traditional: 妖狐餅乾 (lit. "Fox Cookie")
    • Simplified: 妖狐饼干
  • Korean: 구미호맛 쿠키
  • Thai: "คุกกี้จิ้งจอกเก้าหาง"