Additional points for all Jellies. Upgrades give more points for all Jellies.


An exquisite cupcake topped generously with Jellies. There's always that one Cookie that only eats the tasty topping and leaves the rest behind. Ugh!


Level Skill Upgrade Cost Number of treasures required Upgrade Reward
Level 1 +90 points for all Jellies N/A N/A
Level 2 +100 points for all Jellies Coin 80,000 2 Escape Level 200
Level 3 +140 points for all Jellies Coin 160,000 4
Level 4 +___ points for all Jellies Coin 320,000 10
Level 5 +___ points for all Jellies Coin 640,000 20
Level 6 +___ points for all Jellies Coin 1,200,000 40

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