Skill Edit

Generates Jelly Flowers. Upgrades increases the chances of generating Jelly Flowers.

Description Edit

A magic jar that can grow Jelly Flowers with mysterious powers. Don't be too hasty now, you might drop and break it by accident!

Statistics Edit

Level Skill Upgrade Cost Number of treasures required
Level 1 Creates Jelly Flowers at 4.0 chance N/A N/A
Level 2 Creates Jelly Flowers at 4.5 chance Coin 80,000 2
Level 3 Creates Jelly Flowers at 5.0 chance Coin 160,000 4
Level 4 Creates Jelly Flowers at 5.5 chance Coin 320,000 10
Level 5 Creates Jelly Flowers at ___ chance Coin 640,000 20
Level 6 Creates Jelly Flowers at ___ chance Coin 1,200,000 40


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