The content of this page are mostly retrieved from DEVSISTERS Customer Support Page

Cookies are the main protagonists to the game. How can a Cookie run, that is one big Mystery. Some think that it was the Witch who accidentally put the Powder of Life into the Cookie dough.

Obtaining New Cookies Edit

You can obtain new Cookies from Chests, or directly using Coins to buy Tiramisu chests in the Shop.

Additionally, crystals can also be used to buy Chests to obtain Cookies in the Shop.

Remember that you can't always find the Cookie you want in the Shop. Cookie Chests change every 12 hours. Visit the Shop regularly if you don't want to miss your chance to get your favorite Cookie.

Upgrading Cookies Edit

Cookies' special Skills become more powerful with upgrades.

To upgrade a Cookie, you need to find enough Cookies of the same kind.

You can check the number of Cookies at your disposal on the Cookie selection screen. When the Upgrade Bar turns green, it means that you can upgrade the Cookie.

Cookie Rarity Edit

As with Cookies, there are 4 levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Lengendary

Rarity affects how much upgrade until a cookie reach maximum level.

The maximum level is 25 for Common Cookies, 20 for Rare Cookies, 15 for Epic Cookies, and 5 for Legendary Cookies.

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