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Dates are in MM/DD format

Patch Notes 06/05 (version 1.91)

New content added:

  1. Island of Memories renewal
  2. Spirit Potion
    • Used to upgrade Cookies/Pets
  3. Level renewal
  4. 2 new Magic Candies
    • Tiger Lily Cookie & Herb Cookie
  5. 3 new Cookie costumes
    • Hero Cookie's Dark Force Suit
    • Tiger Lily Cookie's Snow Warrior
    • Herb Cookie's Herb Tea Barista
  6. Bugs fixed & balance changes

Patch Notes 05/01 (version 1.81)

New content added:

  1. 4 all new Cookies and Pets!
    • Dr. Wasabi Cookie
    • Octo Wasabi Pet
    • Mustard Cookie
    • Hot Doggie Pet
  2. Dr. Wasabi Cookie & Mustard Cookie's Island of Memories (Starting May 1st)
  3. 3 new Cookie costumes (Starting May 1st)
    • Pancake Cookie's Baby Elephant PJ
    • Rockstar Cookie's Flaming Guitar
    • Pistachio Cookie's Justice Armor
  4. New Cookie Package
  5. Bugs fixed

Patch Notes 04/10 (version 1.71)

New content added:

  • Island of Memories: Cheerleader Cookie scenario
  • Costume Shop grand opening: Fairy Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie and more
  • New Peppermint Cookie and Paper Boat Sailor Pet
  • New Magic Candies: Yoga Cookie & Cheerleader Cookie
  • A shop just for Champions League players

Patch Notes 03/23 (version 1.67)

Fixed bugs:

  • Cookie image not loading on scoreboard
  • Scoreboard causing app to force quit
  • Language setting bug

Patch Notes 03/20 (version 1.65)

New content added:

  • Island of Memories: Hero Cookie scenario
  • 2 new Legendary Cookies
  • Cookie Costume
  • New & Inactive Player Invitation Event

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  • ...that before Cookie Run, there is an older game called Ovenbreak, Ovenbreak Infinity and OvenBreak 2, and also features Brave Cookie as well as the default Cookies in the sequel?
  • ...that Strawberry Cookie and Fairy Cookie both have the same jumping and sliding sound effect?
  • ... that unlike the LINE version of Cookie Run, Zombie Cookie and Devil Cookie is referred to with "it" pronouns in Cookie Run Ovenbreak?
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    New Update! 05/06

    June 5, 2017 by Clubdcfdtl

    The new update is out both for Android and iOS!

    For more details you can take a look on Official Forum!

    And also, you can check about new Level System here:…

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    Here we are! After the result of Fanart Contest of Cookie Run Forum (here), Cookie Run: OvenBreak Official Facebook published a new post, about the new update is coming very soon!

    Login to get this prize, and you will get ultimate update reward on 5 …

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