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Dates are in MM/DD format

Patch Notes 2/29, version 2.51

  1. New Ice Candy Cookie & Power Candy Tin Pet!
    • Gather your team! Winter Sports Festival begins!
  2. Skating Queen Cookie has got new powers!
    • Completely new skill and a Magic Candy!
  3. Two new Treasures with powerful and fun effects!
    • Bearstone Ring: summons Lovey-Dovey Bear Jellies from the sky!
    • Winged Jelly of Ressurection: the more Jellies you collect, the more Energy you get after revival!
  4. Renewed Land 7!

Patch Notes 1/11, version 2.45

Bugs fixed

New content added:

  1. New Sparkling Cookie & Bow Tie Bottle Pet!
    Let the Sparkling Party begin!
  2. Three New Treasures!
    • Bear Jelly Boomerang, Carrot Pudding Trampoline, Silver Flower Brooch

Patch Notes 12/19, version 2.41

Holiday Update in Cookie Run: OvenBreak!

Get in the game now and receive 1000 Crystals! (until December 28, GMT+9)

  1. New Sparkling Cookie & Bow Tie Bottle Pet!
    Let the Sparkling Party begin!
  2. New Year Countdown missions!
    • Complete the missions daily to receive 2018 Crystals in 2018!
  3. Secret Crystal Cave is back!
    • You have been waiting for it, and it's here! Time to get some Crystals!
  4. 2017 Thank You Festival!
    • The more Crystals you spend, the more you get back!

Patch Notes 11/29, version 2.31

Treasure Renewal and new Cookie with many fun events!

  1. Macaron Cookie & Castanets!
    • Enjoy the cute little Macaron Parade and fun events!
  2. Treasure Renewal & Six New Treasures!
    • Treasures now also have rarity grades! And what about that rumor of new hidden powers!?
    • Find the six new Epic Treasures!
  3. No day without events!
    • Exciting challenges and rich rewards are waiting!

Patch Notes 10/25, version 2.21

1st Anniversary in Cookie Run: OvenBreak!

11,111 Crystals for everyone! More info in the Notices!

  1. Matcha Cookie & Green Tea Bag pet!
    • This mysterious Cookie uses her magic spheres to grow trees!
  2. New Stage in the Breakout mode!
  3. New Magic Candies
    • Matcha Cookie
    • Space Doughnut
  4. 1st Anniversary events!
    • Secret Crystal Cave filled with Crystals!
    • Crystal gifts everyday!
  5. Invite friends to receive Crystals, Space Doughnut, and a Legendary Cookie!

Patch Notes 09/27, version 2.11

Autumn Update!

  1. Special full moon Cookie & Pet
    • Moon Rabbit Cookie & Moon Mortar
  2. 2 new Magic Candies
    • Moon Rabbit Cookie & Cream Puff Cookie
  3. Autumn Event
    • Special daily attendance with hearty rewards
    • Collect Rainbow Rice Cakes and get even more rewards
    • and many more events to enjoy!
  4. 2 new Cookie costumes
    • Pancake Cookie and Kumiho Cookie
  5. Autumn package deals
    • Limited time only deals with lots of bonuses!

Patch Notes 09/01, version 2.03

Treasure setting bug has been fixed.

SEASON 2 - Wicked Breakout Party Update

  1. Breakout Mode
    • Relay run with up to 20 Cookies
    • Special rewards from collecting Mystic Jewels and weekly ranking
  2. New Legendary Cookies
    • Dark Enchantress Cookie, Fire Spirit Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie
  3. 3 new Treasures
  4. 3 new Cookie costumes
    • Cream Puff Cookie's Dark Magic Hat, Alchemist Cookie's Forbidden Flask and Wizard Cookie's Azure Flame Staff
  5. Shop renewal
  6. Variety of Events

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    Finally, yesterday Cookie Run: OvenBreak now in Season 2: Wicked Breakout Party!

    With this new update (2.00), check it out of this!

    1. Breakout Mode - Relay run with up to 20 Cookies. - Special rewards from collecting Mystic Jewels and weekly ranking.…

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    Cookie Ages

    August 5, 2017 by AFlippinFan

    Hi there! This is my first blog post, and I'm here to ask a question involving headcanons.

    For me, it's these three:

    1. Strawberry Cookie (12)

    2. Vampire Cookie (23)

    3. Mustard Cookie (15)

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    June 30, 2017 by TasukuRyuuenji

    I'm really only doing this to test this feature. I have no idea how to do things.

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