just wanted to add this before the restoration process begins.

helllo! yes, i am ruby. i am a mod in city of wizards and i have to personally apologize for our actions and what we did to this wiki.


beforehand, the sparkling cookie page was **already** disgusting when we got there. so we decided to have a little fun with it and plop our invite in there and make some jokes.

we then realized that those jokes were tasteless, and plopping our invite way too many times was a big whoops on our part.

i want to clarify that future nasty edits on this page ruining the wikia are not city of wizard's fault. we are doing our best to prevent this from escalating. we understand that this will be a big stain on the server that was can not wash out, and no amount of sorries can fix it or undo it.

ALSO! no we are not racist, fetishist, or anything of the sort. please do not make assumptions.

thank you!

- ruby

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all of the cookies are wonderful and valid! and that I hope you have a radical day
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