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Cocoa Cookie

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Marshmallow Hamster

Quote1 How about some cocoa? Quote2
―Cocoa Cookie

Skill Edit

When collecting a Potion, hops onto a cocoa cup and flies. When flying on the cocoa cup, Basic Jellies turn into higher scoring Marshmallow Jellies. Level Up for more frequent Skill activation.

Description Edit

Even if her body is 80% cocoa, she's always sipping hot cocoa, even during the summer time. Her marshmallow hat is so deliciously sweet, she needs to resist the temptation of taking a chunk out of it and dipping it into her cup. Her plump smooth cheeks just add to her charm! When she indulges in a freshly prepared cup of cocoa, all her worries melt away.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
Level 1 168 Cocoa Cup Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 184 Cocoa Cup Lv.2 Coin 16,000
Level 3 200 Cocoa Cup Lv.3 Coin 32,000
Level 4 216 Cocoa Cup Lv.4 Coin 80,000
Level 5 234 Cocoa Cup Lv.5 Coin 160,000
Level 6 252 Cocoa Cup Lv.6 Coin 320,000
Level 7 Cocoa Cup Lv.7 Coin
Level 8 Cocoa Cup Lv.8 Coin

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • How about some cocoa?

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Drink cocoa after a hard day's work!
  • Mmm, nothing better than hot and sweet cocoa!
  • Drink cocoa when you feel lonely!
  • I wish there was an ocean of hot cocoa!
  • I could drink cocoa every day!
  • I love cocoa, cocoa, and more cocoa!
  • Drink cocoa when you're happy too!
  • Cocoa is a must when it's cold outside.
  • Don't forget to add the marshmallows!
  • Try drinking cocoa when you're feeling down!

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • How about a cup of cocoa before we start?
  • I will win before my cocoa cools!
  • You're no match against my cocoa cup!
  • Loser buys the winner a cup of cocoa!


  • Need... cocoa...

Notes Edit

  • Bear Jelly Parties override Cocoa Cookie's ability of spawning Marshmallow Jellies so pets like Owlcorn are not recommended.

Trivia Edit

  • Cocoa Cookie's New Year's wish is, "Guess what? Cocoa!".

Gallery Edit