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Cheesecake Cookie

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Fluffy Cheese Cat

Quote1 I'm off to a Coin Party! Care to join me? Quote2
―Cheesecake Cookie

Skill Edit

Triggers Coin Firework Party when a certain number of Invitation Jellies are obtained. Less Invitations are needed with Level Up.

As she levels up, the amount of Invitation Jellies she requires before she triggers a Coin Firework Party will slowly decrease.

Unlike her counterpart in Cookie Run, her Invitation Jellies actually have a small magnetic aura and will gravitate towards her when she gets close enough, as well as rewarding a small amount of coins.

When paired with Fluffy Cheese Cat, the Invitation Jellies will be changed into Golden Invitation Jellies - they will be larger (and therefore easier to grab) and will reward more coins compared to regular Invitation Jellies.

Strategy Edit

Cheesecake Cookie can only be used 2 times and will require 15 hours of rest, so be sure to use your time wisely with her!

It is a very good idea to avoid upgrading her until she is exhausted and then upgrade her so she can run again to maximize your time and profits.

Each Bronze Coin is worth 9 coins, while each Gold Coin is worth 10 coins.

Each Invitation Jelly is worth 49 coins. When paired up with Fluffy Cheese Cat Pet, Golden Invitation Jellies worth 99 coins are produced.

A useful strategy for coin farming with Cheesecake Cookie is to pair her with Rocket Firecracker and fall in a hole when she triggers a Coin Firework Party. This will not only prolong the time of the Coin Firework Party, but also make Cheesecake Cookie magnetic.

Description Edit

This flavorful Cookie is made out of an entire cheesecake. Since she has never known a life without coins, she likes to throw luxurious parties and set off Coin Fireworks for her friends. She's always stylish, using only the finest cheese, as she casually trots along. It's hard to resist the temptation to devour this deliciously decadent Cookie.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Needed Cookies Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
Level 1 130 Coin Firework Party Lv.1 N/A N/A N/A
Level 2 140 Coin Firework Party Lv.2 2 Coin 1,600 Escape Level 4
Level 3 150 Coin Firework Party Lv.3 4 Coin 3,200 Escape Level 8
Level 4 162 Coin Firework Party Lv.4 10 Coin 8,000 Escape Level 20
Level 5 174 Coin Firework Party Lv.5 20 Coin 16,000 Escape Level 40
Level 6 188 Coin Firework Party Lv.6 40 Coin 32,000 Escape Level 80
Level 7 202 Coin Firework Party Lv.7 80 Coin 64,000 Escape Level 160
Level 8 218 Coin Firework Party Lv.8 150 Coin 120,000 Escape Level 300
Level 9 236 Coin Firework Party Lv.9 Coin 240,000 Escape Level
Level 10 Coin Firework Party Lv.10 Coin Escape Level
Level 11 Coin Firework Party Lv.11 Coin Escape Level

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • I'm off to a Coin Party! Care to join me?

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Where did my dear cat go?
  • Wanna party? Just follow my lead!
  • Wouldn't be a party without fireworks, would it?
  • A little party never hurt no cookie.
  • I'm the life of the party!
  • I am welcomed at all parties!
  • Do you happen to like cheesecake?
  • There's not a cookie that can resist my charm.
  • Have you seen my yellow fluffy cat?

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • I was in the middle of partying!
  • Not my kind of party. But I'll crush you!
  • You called for this? I have places to be.
  • You dare challenge me? Ha!
  • Now, don't be jealous.


  • But... the... party...
  • This is no fun...
  • Please catch me a cup of tea...

Recommended Combinations Edit

  • Fluffy Cheese Cat Fluffy Cheese Cat: Fluffy Cheese Cat has a combination bonus with Cheesecake Cookie. For more information, see the section Strategy.
  • Celestial Star Celestial Star, Energy Scale Energy Scale, Speaker Sandwich Speaker Sandwich: Allows Cheesecake Cookie to run for a longer period of time.
  • Fox Bead Fox Bead: Cheesecake Cookie triggers Coin Firework Party more when she gets a Giant Blast Bead.
  • Rocket Firecracker Rocket Firecracker: When Cheesecake Cookie falls into a hole while her Coin Firework Party is activated and is lifted by this pet, the blast effect and magnetic effect work together to get you a lot of coins. The blast makes her Coin Firework Party go on for a lot longer, and the magnetic effect helps you collect all of the coins she creates.

Trivia Edit

  • This cookie uses she/her pronouns.
  • This cookie is the only cookie whose skill created jellies are changed via a combi bonus.
  • In the Kakao version of the Original Cookie Run and various Korean Cookie Run sources, Cheesecake Cookie is mentioned to be a daughter of Buttercream Choco Cookie. However, this connection wasn't highly pointed out in the LINE version, and with the lack of Buttercream Choco in OvenBreak, it is not mentioned at all in this game.

Gallery Edit