In the Season 2, three kinds of flying jars can be encountered while running in a trophy race. When you collect them, they will provide you with bonuses.

Only trophy race and Breakout Mode running could spawn these bonus jars, practicing or 1vs1 race won't spawn them.

The spawn locations of these jars are fixed, meaning that you can encounter them in the same location when you have run far enough. However, the spawn location of each jar is different from each other.

Once you collect enough jars, there's an invisible timer that prevent the player from collecting more jars from trophy races.

Mini Cookie JarEdit

Icon cookieBottle

Gives you Cookies and Pets. Only appears in Breakout Mode.

This jar can be encountered a few times.

Mini Crystal JarEdit

Mini Crystal Jar

Gives you Crystals. Amount of crystals you receive will increase as you race in further lands.

This jar can be encountered a few times more than the Cookie Jar.

Can be found in trophy race.

Lucky Cookie JarEdit

Lucky Cookie Jar

Gives you Cookies, Pets, or even Treasures in a very rare occasion.

Only can be encountered once in a while. Just like any jars, after you've collected one you will have to wait hours before you can encounter another one.

How many bonuses that you can get from Cookie Jars will vary. Sometimes it will have amount of bonuses almost equal to that of frozen chest from the shop.