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Angel Cookie

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Celestial Star

Quote1 Do you want to fly with me? Quote2
―Angel Cookie

Skill Edit

Attracts Jellies with its Magnetic Aura. Magnetic power becomes stronger with Level Up.

Description Edit

Angel Cookie is slowly mastering the art of flying. For now, it merely hovers a teeny tiny bit just above the ground. Angel Cookie's favorite animals are penguins, ostriches and baby chicks. Can you guess why? Its shiny golden curls are the source of a special Magnetic Aura, which attracts nearby Coins and Jellies. Yum, yum.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
1 120 Magnetic Aura Lv.1 N/A
2 129 Magnetic Aura Lv.2 Coin 1,600 Escape Level 4
3 138 Magnetic Aura Lv.3 Coin 3,200 Escape Level 8
4 148 Magnetic Aura Lv.4 Coin 8,000 Escape Level 20
5 158 Magnetic Aura Lv.5 Coin 16,000 Escape Level 40
6 169 Magnetic Aura Lv.6 Coin 32,000 Escape Level 80
7 181 Magnetic Aura Lv.7 Coin 64,000 Escape Level
8 204 Magnetic Aura Lv. 8 Coin 120,000 Escape Level
9 Magnetic Aura Lv. 9 Coin Escape Level
10 Magnetic Aura Lv. 10 Coin Escape Level
11 Magnetic Aura Lv. 11 Coin Escape Level
12 Magnetic Aura Lv. 12 Coin Escape Level
13 Magnetic Aura Lv. 13 Coin Escape Level
14 Magnetic Aura Lv. 14 Coin Escape Level
15 233 Magnetic Aura Lv. 15 Coin Escape Level
16 238 Magnetic Aura Lv. 16 Coin 160,000 Escape Level 400

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Do you want to fly with me?

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Happiness to you.
  • I want to fly higher.
  • Let's fly away like a bird.
  • Believe in the power of love.
  • Blessings to you.
  • Don't hold back.
  • May luck be on your side.
  • The sky awaits...
  • You can do it.
  • Come with me.

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Good luck!
  • This won't be easy.
  • Give it your best.
  • May luck be on your side.


  • Flying is hard...

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