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Alchemist Cookie

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Quote1 Pay close attention to what I'm doing! Quote2
―Alchemist Cookie


Wizard Cookie Edit


Skill Edit

Creates Bear Jellies using Alchemy at a given interval. Jump to toggle between the types of alchemy you want to use. Double Jump to shoot. With Level Up, more frequent Alchemy.

Strategy Edit

In most cases, you want her to use the Giant Bear Jelly alchemy formula for the most points, although being able to generate Magnet Jellies can be useful.

Description Edit

Made from the freshest of grapes, the fruit of the gods, this smart Cookie only cares about one thing: Research! She is always doing wild calculations, trying to figure out how to transform the elements. And she knows that being lazy or sitting idly by will achieve nothing. In order to acquire something of value, one must give something of value in return - that's Alchemist Cookie's theory at least.

Cookie MessagesEdit


  • Pay close attention to what I'm doing!

Loading MessagesEdit

  • You see, all objects are made of particles.
  • It's much more complex than it looks.
  • What would happen if I mix these two?
  • Just look at how I do it.
  • Not like that. Gimme that. Watch me.
  • Not everyone can be an alchemist.
  • Alchemy is not used to create juice!
  • A tiny mistake can have great consequences.
  • To gain something, something of equal value is needed.
  • What should I create this time...
  • Trust me, you have no idea what I can create.

1v1 Race Edit

  • Time to test my new formula!
  • Oh, this is going to be easy.
  • With this formula, there's no way I'll lose!
  • I won't make a mistake!


  • This is wrong...

Trivia Edit

  • Alchemist Cookie's ability is different between Ovenbreak and her first appearance in Cookie Run. In Cookie Run, she had three alchemy formulas to use. In Ovenbreak, however, she only has two. The difference between her two formulas in Ovenbreak is Pink Jelly Party (generates Yellow and Pink Bear Jellies with Magnet Jellies) and Giant Bear Jelly Party that consists of only Giant Bear Jellies.
  • Just like the LINE version of Cookie Run, Alchemist Cookie is Vampire Cookie's little sister in this OvenBreak version, though like Kakao, was said to have saved her elder brother from the witch.
  • Vampire Cookie and Alchemist Cookie are one of the two pairs of Cookies that have a canonly stated family relationship. The other family is Dr. Wasabi Cookie and Mustard Cookie.


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Alchemist Cookie's Forbidden Flask CostumeEdit